van nguyen

I have being watching this with interest, for those who dont know troung van nguyen is being executed for drug trafficking and this is a great injustice.I strongly believe that the death penalty has no place in the 21st century,let alone in such a civilised society such as singapore.I believe he should be punished but the punishment does not fight the crime and is grossly unfair.The funny thing is that the day an australian citizen is getting executed by hanging, bloody john howard is going to a fucking cricket match WTF? how could he?.He should as a matter of principle be on the day like the leader of the greens, out the front of the singapore embassy in Canberra protesting in silence against this injustice.I wish i could be there but alas im not.Shame on you singapore government and shame on the Australian government for not doing enough, especially John Howard for fuck sake you can miss one bloody cricket match.

Yours truly


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